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Safest, Fastest & Healthiest  Way To Heat Your Home!  Comfort From The Ground Up!

Life Long Expectancy.  A durable, high quality floor heating system that warms your home evenly and efficiently, with no maintenance required. Absolutely no risks of burning or electric shock as there are no open flames or hot surfaces for children to touch.  Furthermore, the lack of moving air means no airborne allergens or dry air, creating a much healthier living climate for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Enjoy The Messy Moments In Life!

Life Time Expectancy BEAM Central Vacuum Systems use specifically designed tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from the
living area to the central power unit commonly located in the garage.  To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve.

Solar Pool Heating, Engineered For Life!  Double Your Swim Season!

20 years Life expectancy - proven not just offered the world's top hotels, universities, military bases and the Olympic Games heat their pools with Heliocol.  Heliocol's maintenance-free solar pool heating panels protect your roof, your swimming pool investment and the environment.

Differentiating Features

Soft Start: When you send the connect command, the module activates the CLC "Current Limited Charger" which will limit the current to 1A until the terminal voltage is within 1V of the internal capacitor bank voltage.

Safe Start:   If the voltage of the terminals are not within safe range of the module internal voltage, only the CLC will activate and the SSR will not turn on until it is safe to do so.

In Field Components Swop Out:  No need to remove unit from site for repairs, all components can be swoped out on site.  Most parts are plug-and-play design.

In Field Capacity Upgrade:  Should the battery lose capacity, spare rows are incorporated in the designed in order restore the original capacity without removing unit from site.

Remote Firmware Upgrade:  Battery can be connected through Wi-Fi.

loT: Monitoring caps performance through Internet of Things.

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