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Heliocol solar pool heating systems have three basic components:

A panel, a pump and a filter.  A pump, usually your existing pool pump, pushes water through a filter to strain leaves and debris. Water is then pumped into a Heliocol solar panel mounted on your roof, porch, fence, or any other location with good sun exposure.  The water is substantially heated as it moves through the panel and it flows back into your pool, warming the water. Unlike solar water heaters for indoor use, solar pool heaters do not require a storage tank. Your pool provides all the storage required.


Heliocol has a proven record of accomplishment;

Durability, performance, design excellence, roof friendly, environmentally safe, maintenance free

Warranty – Terms and Conditions:

10 years Factory

20 years Life expectancy - proven not just offered

In continuous manufacture for 36 years.

World's number one by unit sales.

Solar Pool Heating, Engineered For Life!  Extend Your Season! Contact Us Solar Pool Heating, More Than 30 Years in Industries

For more than 30 years, Heliocol has tapped into our greatest alternative energy resource, the sun.

Our innovative solar pool heating products have allowed more than 200,000 customers worldwide to enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures in all types of climates.

Heliocol The Product

One-Piece Unibody Construction

The overmolded header is formed over each individual tube and fused together during construction, producing the strongest possible connection. Overmolding eliminates cracks and welds for a longer lasting, maintenance-free system.

Panel Clamps

Patented panel clamps eliminate rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement, eliminating hassles and saving time and money. Clamps also allow panels to be mounted closer together for a more efficient and more attractive system.

Individual Tubes

Open design resists lift and stays put even in high winds. Protects roof from rain rot by allowing rapid moisture evaporation. Round tubes capture more heat.

Mounting Sleds

Sleds maintain alignment of individual riser tubes. Prevent abrasion to panel and roof when expanding and contracting.

Gator Clamps

Strapless mounting. Allows for expansion and contraction. Fewer roof penetrations.

Open Flow Design

Each and every individual tube opens into the header, increasing flow and virtually eliminating backpressure. Saves wear and tear on pool pumps.

Other solar companies have tried using every shape, design and material imaginable to capture the power of the sun for pool heating, but none have come close to Heliocol’s performance, durability, aesthetics and ease of installation.

For decades, the competition has tried to imitate our designs, warranty and applications but none have matched Heliocol’s success. Backed by years of precision engineering, the best materials and exceptional attention to detail, we’ve maintained our position at the head of the pack since 1977.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but in our case, flattery gets you nowhere.

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The driving force behind Heliocol’s incomparable design is our team of exceptional research and development engineers. The technical and engineering expertise of our research staff, coupled with a relentless pursuit of continuous product improvement, has led to an impressive portfolio of registered innovative patents and intellectual property assets.

Panel Connectors Solar Collectors Feed Line Vacuum Breaker Ball Valve Automatic Controller (Optional) 3-Way Valve Check Valve Filter Pump From Pool To Pool Auxillary Heater (Optional) Ball Valve How It Work
“Heliocol is at least a generation ahead of  all plastic type solar collectors.”

We Are Flexible

Pitched shingle roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs...any roof with the appropriate sun exposure is suitable for a Heliocol installation.

If the roof isn’t a viable option, Heliocol is easily installed on ground racks, patios or fences. Because of Heliocol’s patented gapless design, the system also allows for more square footage in a smaller area, exceeding other collector brands by as much as 15 percent.

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