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Enjoy The Mesy Moments!
BEAM Central Vacuum Systems use specifically designed tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from the living area to the central power unit commonly located in the garage.  To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve.

A BEAM central vacuum cleaner is the most powerful, most convenient, and easiest way to clean your home.  A BEAM central vacuum system provides you with a clean you can trust, lightweight control, the quiet way to clean & a healthier home environment.

Don’t Get Left in the Dust. No need to lift heavy vacuums, trip over cords or drag a portable canister around furniture causing damage.  There is only a lightweight hose, which gets into all the hard to reach places - even under furniture!

  • Quite Convenience
  • A Healthier Home
  • Adds value to your home

Warranty - T's & C's:
  • 10 years – Alliance series
  • 8 years – Platinum series
  • 5 years – Electrolux series
  • 2 years – Mundo series
  • Service your BeamVac every year, to keep its warranty & its longevity
BEAM Central Vacuum
A large motor allows BEAM central vacuums provide up to 50% more suction power than a portable vacuum.  Less hassle.  BEAM central vacuums have a self-cleaning filter that never needs to be replaced and a large capacity dirt bucket that only needs to be emptied about twice a year.  Portable vacuums have  filters that need to be replaced and bags that needs to be emptied regularly.

What Will BEAM Central Vacuum Do For You?
Vacuum cleaning is an essential part of modern living but portable vacuum cleaners tend to be awkward.  A BEAM central vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is the most powerful, most convenient, and easiest way to clean your home.
A BEAM Central Vacuum System Can Provide You With
A Clean You Can Trust
You can always count on BEAM for everyday cleaning and memorable messy moments.  The deep cleaning power and suction doesn’t quit over time.  Year after year, BEAM removes 100% of contacted dirt and debris from every surface.

Lightweight Control
With BEAM, vacuuming is light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course.  A lightweight hose and ergonomic tools let you move easily from task to task, level to level, floor to ceiling, and up stairs, without getting a sweaty workout from dragging around a heavy portable vacuum.  The average portable vacuum weighs 15 lbs while a BEAM hose & handle is only 7 lbs.  Which would you rather lift to clean your stairs with?
The Quiet Way To Clean
The innovative D-shaped nozzle design allows for quieter operation and superior suction and with the power unit located away from the living area, the quiet hush of airflow is all you’ll hear.
BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are quieter than most household sounds. Vacuum whenever you want without disturbing the peace and tranquility of your home.
A BEAM central vacuum system is quieter than most household noises that you are used to hearing every day.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you can easily vacuum your home while other activities are taking place in the room without disturbing anyone.
You won't miss that important call when the phone rings.  You can even talk on the phone while you are vacuuming!
Nothing To Sneeze At
Leave the allergies outside. Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems for allergy sufferers.  Central vacuum systems often are recommended by allergists for removing pollutants from the home.  Research has revealed that using a central vacuum system can improve indoor air quality and significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, a Central Vacuum system remove 100% of contacted dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens, and is superior to a conventional vacuum in providing relief from allergy symptoms.

Percent Improvement:
  • Nasal 47%
  • Non-Nasal 48%
  • Eye 61%
  • Sleep 44%
Which BEAM Is Right For Me?
Let the BEAM Product Wizard help you find the system that best matches your needs by answering a few questions about your home and cleaning habits.

Request for BEAM Questions about your home to find you the right central vacuum system and recommended accessories for your needs.
How a Central Vacuum Works?
BEAM Central Vacuum Systems use specifically designed tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from living area to the central power unit commonly located in the garage, utility room or basement.

To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve.  Most homes will typically have one central vacuum inlet valve per floor averaging three per house.  The flexible lightweight hose and inlet system allow you to easily move from room to room without having to push a heavy upright vacuum or pull canister vacuum behind commonly bumping into walls or valuable furniture.

BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are much quieter than most portable vacuums as the power unit of a central vacuum is located outside of the living area, where the motor of a portable vacuum is in the same room you clean.

  1. Tubing installed through interior walls, attics, basements and crawlspaces connects vacuum inlets to the power unit.
  2. Each strategically located inlet valve lets you vacuum approximately 700-800 square feet.
  3. The power unit is located away from the living area, usually in a basement, garage or ventilated utility room.
  4. Innovative accessories like the VacPan can be incorporated into the system for additional cleaning ease.
  5. A variety of cleaning attachments such as a crevice tool, dusting tool and the fabric tool allows you to vacuum any type of surface.
  6. Exhausted to the outside or through a HEPA filter system to leave you nothing but clean indoor air.
We Can Do Installation For You?
New Home Installation
If you're building a new home or planning to, ask your builder to include a BEAM Central Vacuum System.  You'll want to discuss locations for the power unit/dirt collection canister, the vacuum inlets (where the hose is inserted), and a place to store a hose and attachment kit on each level.  Simply enlarging a closet or including an extra base cabinet is all it takes.

If your builder is familiar with BEAM, he may suggest a VacPan® automatic dustpan in the kitchen, near exterior doors, in family or laundry rooms, or wherever you're planning hard-surface floors.

Installation of your BEAM system is done after plumbing and electrical work is completed and before wallboard is installed.

Existing Home Installation
About 95% of existing homes — regardless of age — can be retrofitted with a BEAM Central Vacuum System.  The key to success is planning a pipe system with a minimum number of inlets and elbows (turns in pipe) to keep labour time and costs at a minimum while still giving you the vacuum cleaning flexibility only a central vacuum system offers.
Cleaning Performance?
Cleaning sustainability Study Professional Testing Laboratory
Indoor Air Quality Test Results Scientific Study Finds BEAM Central Vacuum Superior to Portable Vacs.  A BEAM Central Vacuum System assures superior indoor air quality over portable vacuums and sustained like-new cleaning performance, according to an independent study that compared short- and long-term soil removal and emissions of leading upright vacuums and central vacuum systems.

The Research
In a series of tests that compared short-and long-term soil removal and dust emission control, of five leading upright vacuums and the BEAM Serenity Central Vacuum System, technicians at Professional Testing Laboratory, Dalton, Ga., found two top-performing upright vacuums’ soil removal fell 10 percent to nearly 14 percent from the beginning to the end of the test, while the BEAM system maintained consistent soil removal.

The Findings
“The BEAM system delivered impressive, sustained cleaning capability from the beginning to the end of the study,” says Gary Asbury, president of PTL.  ”The BEAM Serenity also maintained consistent emission control, releasing less than 6.6 micrograms per cubic meter of respirable particulates throughout the study, fewer than any of the uprights tested.  Three uprights that maintained their soil removal capabilities experienced major decreases in filtration, triggering increases in particle emissions ranging from a near doubling to more than 4,300 micrograms per cubic meter.
Dust Emissions Test
Particulates emitted during vacuuming after repeated use.  Each of the products studied was tested in brand-new condition and after repeated use. Technicians at PTL used each product to vacuum carpet containing approximately one liter of dirt and debris from previous vacuumings plus 50 grams of ISO Fine test dust that included particles as small as mold spores, dust mites, pollen and other contaminants that are associated with health problems.

The study included the use of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology enhanced by NASA to provide accurate analysis of soil-like elements removed from the test carpet. According to KeyMaster Technologies, a Kennewick, Wash. firm that developed the hand-held XRF scanner in collaboration with NASA, the tests marked the first use of XRF technology to analyze the cleaning performance of floor-care products.

The soil-removal tests were repeated until each portable vacuum’s dirt container was approximately half filled and emptied 10 times, as recommended by the manufacturers. Each product also operated in a state-of-the-art emissions chamber when it was brand new and after 10 loadings to measure respirable particulates emitted by each product during vacuuming.

Soil Removal Ability Test
Ability to clean carpet after 10 uses.  Videotape taken at the conclusion of the test also showed that users of all of the products could be exposed to dust that would be stirred up by emptying the collection receptacle.  A much larger collection receptacle for the BEAM Central Vacuum System requires less frequent emptying and less frequent exposure to dust.  Because the central vacuum system power unit typically is installed in a garage, emptying the collection receptacle is unlikely to reintroduce dirt into the living area.

Lars Hybel, Vice President International at Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, says the PTL test results help explain why allergic rhinitis patients who participated in a recent University of California, Davis, clinical study experienced a significant reduction in each of their allergy symptoms when they used a BEAM Central Vacuum System to clean their homes.  The UC-Davis study participants recorded a 44 percent to 61 percent improvement in sleep, nasal, non-nasal, eye, and emotional symptoms, were more active and experienced fewer practical problems when they cleaned with BEAM Central Vacuum Systems instead of portable vacuums.

“The consistent control of emissions from a central vacuum system means there are fewer airborne particles in the living area to trigger allergic reactions,” says Hybel. “Homeowners who use a BEAM Central Vacuum System are going to be able to have a clean home that has fewer allergens and is a healthier place to live.

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