Hot Water FREE From The Sun!  

It’s Not Just Solar, It’s Solahart!

Proven life-span of over

25 years plus.

Solahart prides itself on being the world leader in quality Solar Hot Water Heating Systems.

Solahart specialises in domestic

and commercial solar water

heating solutions, and have equipped many houses

(over 30 000 systems), large

hotels and mines.  

Solahart also helps with saving

the environment, by reducing carbon emissions.

Safest, Fastest & Healthiest

Way To Heat Your Home!

Comfort From The Ground Up!

Life Long Expectancy

A durable, high quality floor

heating system that warms your

home evenly and efficiently, with

no maintenance required.

Absolutely no risks of burning

or electric shock as there are

no open flames or hot surfaces

for children to touch.  

Furthermore, the lack of moving

air means no airborne allergens or

dry air, creating a much healthier

living climate for asthmatics and

allergy sufferers.

Solar Pool Heating,

Engineered For Life!

Double Your Swim Season!

20 years Life expectancy

- proven not just offered

The world's top hotels,

universities, military bases

and the Olympic Games

heat their pools with Heliocol.

Heliocol's maintenance-free

solar pool heating panels

protect your roof, your

swimming pool investment

and the environment.

Enjoy The Messy

Moments In Life!

Life Time Expectancy

BEAM Central Vacuum

Systems use specifically

designed tubing installed

in the walls of your home

to carry 100% of the

contacted dirt, dust and

allergens away from the

living area to the central

power unit commonly

located in the garage.

To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose

into a central vacuum

wall inlet valve.

Beam Heliocol Speed Heat About Us

We are a proud Family Business that are in the Free State for more than 15 years and for 2 years in the Garden Route.  Our Family business started in 2001.  We run 4 Fantastic Franchises in both districts, namely; SpeedHeat Floor Heating, SolaHart Solar Hot Water Geysers, Beam Central Vacuums & Heliocol Pool Heating.  We also started our new product PIT Board (Poly Thermal Insulation Board, which goes under the floor heating.)

Core Values
Quality, Reliability & Perfection
Customer Service & Satisfaction
Passion & Commitment

We believe that High Quality, Superb Value, Superior Service & Product Reliability.  

We offer the best products on the market and specialize in:


We believe that focusing on the small projects will lead us to the big projects in the future.  We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every department in the company.  We have the self- honesty policy to admit when we’re at fault and change/repair what ever is at fault or needs repairs.  We seldom have faults on our

systems for we only use the best products that the market has to offer, nothing less than the best for our customers.

I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which Chals van den Berg sorted out the problem with my Solahart geyser.  

Solahart is an excellent product with

outstanding customer service.  

Chals, you have definitely gained a

new customer and will highly

recommend your firm.

It’s saved a lot of money so

we’ve got no complaints.

Putting solar power and solar

hot water was pretty much

was a no- brainer.

Lyons Family

Brookers Family

Kurt Steiner, Watershed

Price Albert

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Sirius Energy Storage

Kilowatt Labs' supercapacitor based storage, the Sirius, delivers the first supercapacitor based energy storage system as an alternative to chemical batteries.  The Sirius energy storage system is modular and can be discharged rapidly or slowly, depending upon the requirements of the load.  With an energy density of more than 115Wh/Kg, charging time of less than 30 seconds, cycle life of 1 million cycles, round-trip efficiency of 99%, low cost of manufacturing infrastructure and cheaper pricing, the Sirius energy storage solution is a serious alternative to all chemical batteries and is a new paradigm in energy storage.

Centauri Energy server

Kilowatt Labs' energy server, the Centauri, is the world's first energy server that enables 24-hour power from  100% renewable energy sources.  The Centauri is a

plug-and-play architecture that accepts multiple energy inputs from both renewable and  non-renewable sources.  It smartly manages distribution of these energy inputs and delivers stable and reliable electricity, 24 hours a day.  The Centauri can be deployed from kilowatts to megawatts and has a  designed life of 20 years.

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